Tuesday, 26 February 2013

What I Wore Today

A pretty boring post, but this is what I wore today to pop into town and go and visit Oli :) Had quite an extensive list of things to do today because it's my parents 25th wedding anniversary next week so I've had lots of presents and cards to buy!

I'll also be wearing this to the cinema tonight to see Life of Pi with Oliver, finally :)

By the way if you have Instagram, my username is indigosilkblog & as I've been so busy/rubbish at blogging recently, that's getting more of my attention, so go follow me :)

The shirt is from Forever 21 & I don't wear it enough so I'm showing it some love today, and these are my new jeans from Topshop. Such an apprehensive purchase, but SO pleased with them! Fit like a glove on my stumpy little legs. I've tried Primark, H&M & New look before & none even come close!