Friday, 28 September 2012

So these are a few items I've been lusting after as we come into Autumn/Winter. Most are pretty purse friendly too!
 I'm loving a few hints of leather here & there, which is perfect on one of these khaki jackets (best of both trends). And I've wanted a red berry-coloured bowler/cloche hat for a while & after finding this steal on eBay, I think I might just have to get it. The green Reiss jacket above is definitely one JUST for the wishlist. 
The leather jacket is a pretty staple item for me, as I have a black denim biker but not a leather one, and the detachable fur collar sells it for me :) The boots are much like the Ambush ones from Topshop, but a bit kinder on the bank balance (winner). And these gorgeouuuus leggings from LovelySally are literally the most beautiful leggings I've ever seen! Check out all their designs, you'll fall in love with them I guarantee it.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Fash Without Cash! DIY: Studded shirt for a fiver!

You'll need some studs. These were 99p from Ebay, you can find them here
I was a bit safe with the collar, but if you order a couple or packets & have alot of
 patience, you could stud the whole collar!
My stud-buddy Lil doing her shirt.
The studs are quite easy to push into the fabric, as the prongs are fairly sharp
('scuse the shoddy nail polish). Then use scissors to push the prongs inwards on the other side!

Tres Jolie! I was well chuffed with this DIY, because I'd never studded anything before.
Took just over an hour, and cost me £5.99. I used about 70 studs on this one!

 So here's my first proper blog post! Still getting used to everything though, so be patient with me. Expect me to be posting quite regularly though. I've been trying out quite a lot of DIY 'post worthy creativeness lately, and I'm getting all excited for Autumn/Winter because I'm seeing lots of beautiful things to blog about.

In'abit xx

Monday, 17 September 2012

I'm new!

So, I should probably start by introducing myself. I'm Emma. I won't bore you with the details but I'm a fashion-lover, and very much obsessed with art and illustration. So this blog will be a mixture of things: you'll see fashion posts, lifestyle, beauty, product reviews, illustrations done by myself, a variety really!

Hopefully you'll like it,