Thursday, 20 September 2012

Fash Without Cash! DIY: Studded shirt for a fiver!

You'll need some studs. These were 99p from Ebay, you can find them here
I was a bit safe with the collar, but if you order a couple or packets & have alot of
 patience, you could stud the whole collar!
My stud-buddy Lil doing her shirt.
The studs are quite easy to push into the fabric, as the prongs are fairly sharp
('scuse the shoddy nail polish). Then use scissors to push the prongs inwards on the other side!

Tres Jolie! I was well chuffed with this DIY, because I'd never studded anything before.
Took just over an hour, and cost me £5.99. I used about 70 studs on this one!

 So here's my first proper blog post! Still getting used to everything though, so be patient with me. Expect me to be posting quite regularly though. I've been trying out quite a lot of DIY 'post worthy creativeness lately, and I'm getting all excited for Autumn/Winter because I'm seeing lots of beautiful things to blog about.

In'abit xx


  1. I've seen quite a few of these DIYs, but I particularly like how yours turned out. So pretty :)


    1. Thanks lovely :) I'll be posting a few other DIY's over the next few weeks, including nails amongst other things! x

  2. Love a bit of DIY studding, you made a simple shirt beautiful! x

  3. I'm doing this the minute I find studs. Hmm, now where to start looking x.x

    1. It's so cheap! I got my studs here-

      But ebay have a ton of different designs, depending how thick, or spikey or flat you want them. Whatever you want, they got it, for less than the price of a milkshake. Go nuts! And link me up if you stud a shirt yourself, I'd love to see it (:


  4. Hey Emma, it's Sarah from the fashion forum!

    Hope you're good, I gave you my blog but it's probably best looking at my website:
    I was just wondering if I was able to use this piece is my magazine for my final degree project? I can send you the excert once it's done? Let me know!


    1. Hi Sarah! Was lovely meeting you last week. Thanks, I've had a look & you're photographic work is amazing. Of course I dont mind, as long as it's properly credited back to the source (: which I've no doubt you would. I'm very flattered & I'd love to see the final excert yeah, thanks lovely!

      Emma xx