Monday, 19 November 2012

Company Magazine's 'Fashion Career Event'

What a night it was! For those of you who don't know, I went to the #companyfashionforum on Wednesday night with Georgia. She's only 15 and she dresses impeccably, as you'll see from the photos. I had a fantastic time, and I thought a blog post was definitely needed so I could share the evening!

As for the night itself, we arrived in London for about 6:15. The event was held in Hackney's Picturehouse, which is actually a lovely, old cinema so a perfect venue really. We met a delightful girl, Rhea (her blog is leather-clouds). I had to pap her outfit literally seconds after meeting! (Sadly my Canon ran out of battery there & then, so we had to use Georgia's digital.) Unfortunately couldn't remember where eeverything was from, but she looked lovely( seeeee below)

Rhea wearing a topshop midi pencil dress, KG shoes (with glittery soles, aahmazing)

Once inside the building we had some free drinks and the chance to mingle with the editor of Company magazine, Victoria White and other lovely people who work for the mag. The room was filled with fashionable bloggers and fashion enthusiasts, and there was a really friendly vibe of just go-up-and-introduce-yourself. So I did.
Met Gem from which was extra lovely, because it was from watching Gem on Superscrimpers, then finding her blog and falling in love with it that I decided to start my own. So talking to her and getting tips was definitely a highlight for me, especially as she now works for Company mag! And lets face it,  that chick has great hair. 

So we were ushered into the hall, where the amaazing goody bags awaited us. Spent a good 10 minutes rummaging through those, couldn't believe the amount of product we recieved. You can see it all on leather-clouds's post from the evening! And I'll also be trial-ing just a few bits & pieces (mainly the nail polishes and things).

 (From left) @companyedvic / Miss Selfridge VM Manager / a buyer from Oasis 
a freelance stylist @aradiacrockett / Jamaique Campbell, Accounts Manager from IPR London 
/ Blogger Fred Butler from

 Georgia loving her Company goodie bag (:

We also met the two lovely girls below, Heather and Sam, both dressed astoundingly well of course. Heather had her photo taken for the 'street style' part of Company's website here. And I loved everything about Sam's outfit. Her skirt, she made herself, of course! And she was wearing a gorgeous 'bar' necklace which unfortunately you can't see in the photo.

Sam's (right) outfit: Skirt (made herself) / Tosphop jacket / H&M faux fur stole / gorgeous shirt & necklace from unkown places

Some well dressed Company girls:

I also met and chatted with Emma, the Fashion Editor at Company Magazine. Once the confusion of both introducing ourselves as Emma had passed, we had a lovely chat & she kindly let me take her photo (in front of this giant chicken portrait, perfect backdrop). She still looked great!

And here is a photo of what I wore on the night, taken by Georgia on the way home.

And Georgia:

Topshop school shirt would you believe / a burgandy velvet dress / Topshop leather jacket / vintage silk scarf / charity shop bag / Creepers / Company goodie bag.

So Wednesday night was actually amazing, Thursday morning however, I was a zombie! It was lovely meeting so many incredibly talented people. The advice about getting a career in fashion was invaluable, and everyone was so helpful! It answered alot of my questions and I'm definitely more inspired now than before.

If you've had the patience to not only, wait for this picture-heavy page to load, but to read through it all then thanks very much (: I'm using my new nail products tomorrow, so I'll be posting again very soon! 


  1. I'm so jealous of you! I wish I lived closer to London, or that they had more events like this in Wales haha! Also I really like your coat, where is it from? xx

    1. Yeah I'm very lucky to live where I do! It's about 45 minutes still on the train, but we chose the cheap tickets this time, which meant a 2 hour train ride around London haha!
      Aw thanks lovely, it was from the market at Portobello Rd in London 2 years ago! I've loved it ever since, best £4 I ever spent.


  2. Sounds like you had a brilliant time!
    I also noticed how friendly everyone was :) It was a nice surprise after I'd been expecting to be standing round awkwardly for hours!
    I was too shy to talk to Gem but managed to talk to Vic which was exciting!
    Following you now :) x

    1. You too (: I noticed that aswell, which was really lovely to find. There's a definite stereotype associated with those who work in fashion, and that just wasn't the case at all there! Aw, I was too shy to talk to Vic haha!
      Thanks lovely x

  3. Wow this looks like such a great event! I love what you are wearing :)

    Sarah x

    1. It was amazing! I think they'll be doing another one relatively soon (: Thanks lovely

      Emma xx

  4. It looks like a great night! Lovely look too :)

  5. how do you get into these places? i want to go to a blogger event but dont know how to get an invite?

    1. Aw, it's open to everyone! There was no invite. It was publicized on the Company magazine twitter account, @companymagazine. So I heard about it on there, and it was also published in the October edition of the magazine to advertise it, albeit quite a small advert.
      Just keep your eyes & ears open lovely, I heard talk of a 'bloggers event' they might be holding in January, so just follow their Twitter & stay in the loop (:
      Hope to see you at the next one

      Emma xx