Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Fashion Illustration

So this is something I haven't really talked about on this blog yet, but as it's a massive interest of mine, I thought I'd put it out there & share some love for fashion illustration.

I studied fashion illustration whilst at college, and really loved it. I was studying art & have always loved fine art, but mixing the two genres of art & fashion was wonderful. I drew particular inspiration from David Downton, and read his book cover to cover. I produced copies, and started doing my own work drawing on use of simplicity and bold colour. Okay this is all getting a bit arty now, but basically, he's a lad & I really really liked his work.

I've come across a few illustration blogs recently, ones I love particularly being Malia at Deep Fried Freckles. Her illustrations are beautiful! And perhaps not quite so fashion related, but some amazing work nevertheless is Phillippa over at phillippalola. I particularly love her little owl design, so cute!

In the future I'd love to be able to create custom illustrations for bloggers and such, once I've got back in the swing of things. What do you think? Something you'd like to see more of? And send me some links of some lovely illustration blogs if you know of any (:

#And GOOD NEWS, my wonderful friend Lil (who I'll refer to constantly on this blog cos she's a babe), gave me her old iPhone! So soon I'll be on Instagram, don't know how I've lasted this long without it!!


  1. I love illustration, I did a project on fashion illustration at college in the style of Tim Burton which was so much fun! xx

    1. Aw, yeah I love it too. Ooh Tim Burton is amazing! xx