Thursday, 16 May 2013

Today's Nails

Apologies for the quality of the second photograph, was taken on my iPhone & to blow it up blog-size, the pixels went waaaah.
But I change my nails really quite frequently, because working in retail they chip within days! So I'm gonna start posting them a little more, as I never paint them particularly plainly. I just got a new double-ended dotting/brush tool for my nails, so I'm experimenting with that a bit too, hence the dots!

At the moment I'm trying to be really good with my money as I'm saving for a new car, but I'm having a little hiccup this evening as I've found a little goldmine of stuff I love on eBay. So i'll post a bit more about new purchases soon (:

Hope you're all good.


  1. Cute nails! Love the duck egg blue colour from Primark!!