Thursday, 17 January 2013

Brands I'm Loving: Pied A Terre

So a big trend that's carried through well from A/W12 to S/S13 is lime!
 It's not everybody's cup of tea as it's a rather striking colour, a bit neon-esque and admittedly it's a trend I'm very fussy about, which in my eyes is quite a good thing, as it's not something I could wear head to toe! It would have to be a statement piece in my eyes, and therefore I actually only like the trend on a garment that looks expensive well made, because I expect to pay that bit more for a staple item.

A brand that is doing this really well for me at the moment is Pied A Terre. They're most recent collections (as seen below) are all quite minimalistic and I absolutely adore this at the moment. Possibly because over the winter 'layering' (although I love it) get's done to death, so come Spring/Summer I can't wait for some clean lines & strong tailoring.
They're clothes, shoes and accessories are equally really good quality (as far as I've seen?) and I've been perusing their range. I've come up with a few key pieces that are my favourites & I wanted to share them.

001 //  Textured Jacket -Neon Lined with Upturned Cuffs
003 // Oversized Cocoon Coat (now 70% off in the sale)
004 // Resin Clutch Bag with 2 neon purse inserts
005 // Zip Around Purse (now 70% off in the sale)

I got my House of Fraser staff discount card in the post the other day, so I might treat myself to the purse (walked past it twice today and decided I need it somehow). And the clutch bag I can no way afford but I still have to walk past it every day at work! Nightmare.

What trends/brands are you loving for S/S13?

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