Saturday, 12 January 2013

Company Magazine's Bloggers Event

I'm soo late boarding the blog-train for this one! The event was on Tuesday, but I'm still playing catch-up at the moment. One of my aims at the moment though, is to become more productive with my day, so getting up earlier & actually getting things done efficiently as opposed to being as easily distractable as I am!

Anyway, (disctracted, oh boy). I apologise for the text/image heavy post, but its long overdue! So me and Lil spent the day in London on Tuesday, initially for the Bloggers Event, but after catching the early train (8am to be precise), we made a proper day of visiting London. We're very lucky that it only takes less than 40 mins on the train into London, but because the train ticket costs more than anything else it's still a rareity that we go! So we started early & headed straight for Oxford St. I bought a few bits at Forever21, Topshop & Primark (see my last post for those), as did Lil.

Then of course we had to pop into Selfridges, only for 5 minutes though because we obviously wern't quite ready to splash out on a Mulberry bag just yet! But on our way out we noticed an amazing little conceptual pop-op shop within Selfridges, that had taken the subject of branding & sort of, rebranded it?! They had jars of Marmite & bottles of Ketchup, minus the logos. And brown paper bags made from suede. Everything was very cool looking and minimalistic. Very nice.

Then we headed over to Covent Garden and started with a lovely lunch in a nice restaurant called Maxwells in Covent Garden! Such a good price & really nice food. Well chuffed. And then attempted to walk it off trying to find Somerset House, which we did!

Wasn't too impressed with the Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibition that I'd been looking forward to (contained about 5 of his piccies). But the Tim Walker's Storyteller exhibition everyone's been raving about was amaaazing. And I maintain that me & Lil did infact stand in the same room as Quinn from Glee #claimtofame.

We also visited Chelsea and Kensington and popped into a few amazing/pricey charity shops crammed with Prada and Malano Blahnik shoes. And a fabulous vintage shop called East End Thrift Store, which we'll definitely be going back to next time! Took an age to find, and walking past a bunch of dodgy men in the dark & down an alley, but hey what's London at night without a bit of fear in you.


Hence why I'm so excited to find it in the photo above.
And our FINAL stop, the Company Bloggers Event. Basically a room filled with amazing bloggers and people I wouldn't mind doing a wardrobe swap with! Which btw, I'm well up for.

Panel consisted of:
Victoria White (Company Editor) 
Alexxsia Elizabeth of My Labyrinth (Blogger & Fashion Writer/Stylist at Company)
Gem Royston-Claire of Gem Fatale (Blogger & Web Assistant at Company)
Amber Venz of VENZedits (Blogger & President of
Carrie of WishWishWish (Blogger & Community Co-ordinator at ASOS Marketplace)
Shini of Park & Cube (Blogger & Graphic Designer)


(And I haven't even got to the goodie bag yet).
All the girls were incredibly lovely, and just had some really inspiring things to say about how to get the most out of blogging, how to put everything we can into it and to enjoy it of course. The @Companymagazine twitter feed went wild on the night & you can see all the inspirational quotes from the panel here.
We had time to mingle afterwards & met some lovely girls, including Carrie and Shini from the panel it was lovely to see Gem again. Met some really wonderful bloggers aswell, including Megan from The Briar Rose who I literally accosted as she was leaving, and Charlotte from PlasticHorsess, and so many other lovely girls.

The little bag of goodies we got was incredible, and I can't wait to use everything in it.

There's also a video from the night here!


  1. Sounds like a really great night! I followed the tweets and wasn't sure what to expect; it had the potential to come across quite arrogant and 'do this, not that' but it's good to see genuinely helpful and friendly tips and advice! Also I love your outfit :) xx

    1. Aw it definitely wasn't at all. More than anything it was just really encouraging and inspiring to speak to other bloggers who were perhaps as new as I am, or who struggled with the same things I do now. Carrie gave me some really good photo-editing advice, which is something I really needed! And speaking with everyone really spurred me on to post more frequently as I was getting a bit lazy, despite wanting to blog! The audience could ask the panel anything, and so if anyone needed help or advice, it was answered in a different way by 5 people who have the experience I definitely don't. So really good!

      But if there's another, and you can go, I really would recommend it (: And thanks lovely!

      Emma x

  2. Your day sounds so fun. The little pop up shop that you discovered in Selfridges looks so cool! It was a shame that we missed each other, but your blog is brilliant :) xx

    P.S. The goody bag was great, didn't you think?!

    1. Yeah hopefully we can arrange to bump into each other next time! Aw thankyou lovely, yours is too.

      And yep amaaaazing (: They must've known I'd be getting a cold this week, what with all the Kleenex samples! But the goodie bags were so good, trying to use everything. What was your favourite product?

      Emma xx

  3. Aww so lovely! Wish I could go somewhere like that

    1. It was really good, I'd recommend trying to get to the next one if you get a chance (: Would be lovely to meet you!

      Emma xx

  4. What a lovely post - I was dying to go to this but as it was on a work night I couldn't justify the trek from Sheffield to London. Sounds like it would of been worth it though!

    I've just discovered your blog and must say it's love!


    1. Aw that certainly would have been long! Keep an eye out for the next one though, because I must say, they are worth the effort!

      Mnaw thanks lovely, love your new dresses (:

      Emma x